Monday, 2 April 2012

Spring weekend

We started our Spring cleaning this weekend, I say we although to be honest Paul did most of the planned cleaning on Saturday as I was needed on the phone.
We completed the family room which included washing the covers on the couches and all the throws and the curtain and doing the long awaited ceiling fan cleaning.
We decided to target this room as it is not really impacted by the wood stove at all and as we cant really Spring clean whilst we are still using that, we figured we would start in this room. It was nice to actually do this work and of course it led to some re-arranging and discussion on replacing the sagging built in shelves at some point and repainting . It’s the only room we haven’t yet attacked with a paint brush.

Chloe went for a sleepover in the early afternoon and Paul, Lily and I took Duke for a walk around Grand Lake via a quick trip to Global Pet Foods to get his name tag. We also stopped in Canadian Tire (one of my weaknesses along with Old Navy , Gap and Banana Republic) for a couple more ceiling fans for the girls rooms. Lily doesn’t have one and Chloes is old and knackered. We also spied and purchased a red parasol for our outdoor table. It is beautiful.

Duke just loved his walk, he stayed with us, ran with Lily and even swam in the lake. He was so exhausted that he slept in the van all the way home. There was no one at the part of the lake that we went to and it was so lovely to have this time.

On the way home we decided to eat out at a local haunt called Bitars, it has mainly Italian food but we had never been there, so after a quick shower we set off out again and had an awesome meal. Paul had the Thai curry, I had the panfried haddock and Lily had fish and chips. I missed Chloe being there but she was hanging with Ruby and co and watching a movie so I knew she was fine.
Sunday was another gorgeous sunny day and I had breakfast out on the deck and then ironed my couch covers out there too.
The sun was warm and the air was fresh so it required some fluffy boots for ultimate comfort and a fleece.
We caught up with Pauls dad on the phone and then Chloe came back after lunch, Ruby and I head out to a Lia Sophia jewellery party and when we returned we all had some roasties – sweet potatoes and parsnips with some amazing barbeque pork and sausages. It was a good meal and a good day.
Easter is next weekend and I know exactly what to expect now from a Canadian Easter. Its good to be in a territory of some familiarity.

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