Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Age is but a number

Or is it?
OK so I am no longer mid thirties, that lasted for what felt like oh two minutes and now I am mid to late 30’s
I was early 30’s until I hit 35 to be honest so maybe that explains how I got past mid so very quickly.
People say age is but a number and you are only as old as you feel. Sometimes I feel young and then I spend time with ladies in their twenties and I realise that we do, in fact, look different. I do look older.

I think differently too, I am the same person I was at 24 but I am not too. I say what I think now, try to be honest even if I know that person will find it hard to hear, I am hoping that I am not judgemental or critical though as that’s a pet hate of mine. I am more confident at work now and in my own choices than I used to be. (I would love to be 24 again though quite frankly!)
I do have wrinkles and some grey hairs now and actually my hair is changing, its more wispy and ridiculous. I don’t have that young look in my face.
Earlier today I briefly thought about death and dying. My mum voiced her concerns about my lack of religious beliefs the other day as she worries about me after I die (shes SO religious now) and I got to thinking about my own beliefs. I know I am afraid of death and its potential finality as I like living. I also realise that I then quickly move on in my thoughts about this and I wonder do we all do that?
I did ask my work colleague about this and his flip answer was that it wont happen to him - I think he must be in denial!

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