Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tuesday musing

Chloes birthday was great, she had a really good time. Her birthday cake was made by Kim and was designed by Chloe:

She had some friends come and watch a movie with her which was called A Dolphin Tale, which is a true story about Winter the Dolphin who now resides in Clearwater at a Marine Sanctuary. They run summer camps, Chloe wants to go and I am very tempted indeedy.

Lilys birthday is this Friday and quite frankly I am at a loss as to what to get her. She doesn’t have a wish list, so I am off to Toys R Us today to see if something jumps out at me. She is nuts about Ariel but she does have lots of Ariel things, so I will have to look….
Paul purchased the material for Dukies fence yesterday – 17 pretreated fence panels, stacks of posts and a couple of gate kits. He is borrowing a trailer and hes going to pick it all up on Friday. The fencing begins at the weekend.

Its going to be one busy weekend as its also Lilys party, shes having some pals round for a bracelet party. Shes such a girly girl.
Today I didn’t want to come to work, I wanted to stay home with my family and wait for this rainfall warning to hit us, apparently we have between 50 – 100mm rain coming today. Its very windy, gusts at 70km/hr but it’s a warm wind, almost feels tropical out there.
I just want an at home day today.
I read an interesting post yesterday and one phrase stayed with me – written by a burns victim
~ “Every day is a blessing”

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