Monday, 16 April 2012

Bryan Adams weekend

Had THE most amazing weekend. The weather was amazing which meant that the girls hung out in the garden ALOT with Dukie and had a lot of fresh air. We went to our first bonfire of the season at Luc and Lynnes and were there till late, the girls came and so did Dukie, great evening.

On Sunday I left at 3pm and Ruby and I went for our girls Sunday. First stop was check-in at the Delta Barrington and then we caught a cab to the Titanic Gravesite where they were holding a ceremony. We walked about a bit and saw as much as we could, it was uber packed. I saw J Dawsons grave, it was surrounded. Press everywhere, even a reporter from Oz.

We went for dins at Stayners - panfried haddock and cocktails and then made our way to the metro centre. It was still warm but getting a little misty, it was beautiful though, I so love Halifax.

Bryan Adams ROCKED the metro centre! He was flat out amazing, sang for 2.5 hours and it was just excellent! I loved every minute and was so sad when it was over. His voice was so strong and he sang continually, just switched his guitars, he has incredible energy - truly 18 till I die!

Awesome version of "I'm ready"
Bryan Adams ~ I'm ready ~ Halifax Metro centre April 15,2012

We got back to the hotel and 10.30pm, Ruby was famished and spent ages perusing her dine in options, her pizza turned up at 12.30am! I had to try it, it was Donair Pizza which sounds awful but was actually really nice!

Had a whole 4.5 hours sleep and then had a lovely expensive hotel breakfast - oatmeal, blueberries, English muffin - $20! I have dragged myself through work today and want to do it all again


  1. You made it to Fairview Cemetery! I saw some of the tv coverage about the Titanic memorial ceremonies that were happening. It brought back a lot of memories of walking through there with my grandmother (her house was on St. Andrew's Ave).

    Quite jealous that you made it to see Bryan Adams! I've wanted to see him for years:)

  2. I am SO pleased I saw Bryan Adams, he was great. I love the lack of theatrics and being entertained by someone who really can sing