Thursday, 19 April 2012

An "us" picture post

Ok, I realised today that I dont have many pics of Mr Paul on here, so thought I would throw some up, as one can see he looks utterly miserable here in Canada. Thank God he doesnt. This was my dream and he was awesome enough to let me try it out, thank you and I love you.

Oh and one of Lily, this was on the way to the cottage last summer.

These ones are at the Pirate Festival in Mahone Bay at a rather lovely pub, where I of course had fish (I'm just so predictable!)

Chloe so loves to clean the pool. It never ceases to amaze me quite how many bugs throw themselves in every hour. Cant wait to have the pool up and running again.

Lily at my so favourite beach - Melmerby. The water is often so calm that its like glass and its warm, love it!

Ah Peggys Cove

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