Saturday, 28 April 2012

Lily is nearly 5, the sun is shining and there is sadness elsewhere in the world

The weather has been remarkably different lately. We have had a couple of rainfall warnings and it really rained on Tuesday and at night but the humidity has also kicked in. The air is warm like in a bathroom when the bath has been running. I love it.
We had some pretty thick fog too yesterday, I left the house in what was like pea soup and then drove out of it at the airport into blue sky and sunshine. I could see it like a big green bank behind me, never seen anything like that in England, and then drive back into it again further down the highway.
The peepers are still chirping away like crazy in the evening which makes me want to go to sleep with the windows open, I so love the sound.
Today is bright and sunny and warm. Heres a shot of my drive into work this morning:

Today is the last day that my little Lily is 4. Shes getting so grown up now and everyday I love her and Chloe even more. Life with my family, with my children is just so good.

Talking of dear, sweet innocent children…..
Recently I have come across this blog whick breaks my heart. I wish I was in a position to do something about this, to take one of these children and save them. I know that if it was just me I would do it. But its not just me, I have a family and a husband and I am not sure Paul would. But, I am linking this in the hope that someone who can and wants to do something will.
The family who do this and who write this blog are just flat out amazing people.

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