Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter and mis-mogs

Well Easter went well, and so did Titanic. Chloe was amazed by it and all she has talked about since is Jack and Rose and can we go and see the Titanic at the bottom of the ocean – pllleeeeaasse!
I put all the Easter eggs out at 10pm Saturday night once they were safely asleep and then silly me stayed up for a while reading. I thought that since they had gone to sleep reasonably late that they would wake up a little later, I was so wrong. Chloe was up at 6.45am bright as a button and then woke Lily and then they set off around the house before I could drag myself out of the covers.
It was all white outside due to a lovely dump of snow. I had to chuckle at some people back in England asking wtf was wrong with the weather here!!!! I wanted to send them the link to my “snow in April” pics taken in Surrey one year, not that long ago either. Dig dig dig at Nova Scotia by those people that believe its always cold here, they are the same ones who go rather quiet when it heats up in the summer and they are stuck with typical British summer time.
We had a fabulous Easter dinner with Doug and Stephen and the girls had a good time, I was super proud of them, they were so well behaved.
I have got the mis-mogs today and I have had chats with myself, firm ones in fact as all the things making me feel like this are out of my control and much worse things happen.
·         I cant change people, I need to move on
·         What happens with Pauls job can be dealt with by him, hes perfectly capable of this and doesn’t need my zealous input.
·         Sometimes I feel a little narked that we don’t have closer relationships with our parents and have childcare on hand. I mean I know we moved away but even before we did that, we didn’t have that support anyway. Grandparents to our children have never been the type to drop everything for them, my mum is too far away, my dad was…. Well not the right person. Pauls dad has been the best but even he was often not available. Maybe its just as well that its like this, maybe if we were all uber close then we wouldn’t have been able to emigrate.

So, I need to pull myself out of this funk of all the above and take more notice of my surroundings, brown and ugly as they are. Maybe Springtime in NS will always have this effect on me, Spring is terrible here, everything stays brown for SO long. COME ON Summer! At least I know that will be lovely and long and followed by a wonderful beautiful Autumn.
Bring back the ciccadas is all I can say

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