Sunday, 29 April 2012

Its 6.32am on a Sunday morning and I am watching Dukie trot around the garden completely free and he looks SO very happy. Its a much nicer day already than yesterday when the fence went in and I am nursing my vanilla latte from my coffee machine and watching the sky change colour over one of the happiest dogs around.
We bought 8ft pre-treated fence panels from Kent and had them delivered on Friday in the downpour of the rain and got fence posts from a farm shop in Milford.

Paul and our neighbour Luc started to put the fence in around 7pm on Friday evening and worked with lights until about 9.30pm, they then re-convened at 8am yesterday morning on what had to be the absolutely coldest day possible. It was like we had been plunged back into winter.

Anyway they were soon joined by the rest of our wonderful neighbours and over the course of the day two yards were fenced and two dogs - Molly and Dukie became free to run for the first time.

I stayed in all day, well actually I went grocery shopping and then got home and made pizza for the work party and then hosted Lilys 5th Birthday party, which went, I think, really well.

A friend of ours came from Mahone Bay and had each little girl make a bracelet. The girls then played wildly around the house while I threw together some chicken nuggets and pizza and some cucumber, carrott and sugarsnap peas. We also had zesty lime chips and mango dip (for the grown-ups) , it was a blast. The wonderful Kimmie made Lily a Barbie Fashion Fairy Tale cake.

Once the party was done, and Paul had come in and showered, we then sat with Tracey and Nic and checked out our options for our Key West roadtrip next March. Happy Saturday.

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