Friday, 13 April 2012

a spending update

Had a marvellous trip to the dentist yesterday to get an old filling replaced. They were most concerned as to my comfort level and even gave me a pillow! I now have a white filling in place of the old metal one and it was ok. The injections were the same as Brit ones but the time taken and consideration far outweighed any British dental visit.

Last night was our second Lantz recreational meeting and I now have a budget to prepare for the year - shouldnt be TOO hard as I have all the actuals by month for last year and some control to take over banking etc. I LOVE being part of a little community like this thats coming together to look after our local ball fields and pool. It feels good to volunteer. Obviously I would much rather volunteer in something exciting such as Search and Rescue but being an accountant seems to have more use currently.

We have been able to tick off some items on our to do list, as seen here:

So far we have got a new water heater in- tick
Bought a vanity and mirror for the bathroom - tick
Bathroom due to be fitted in the late Spring once tax rebate has been received - almost tick
Fencing is to be purchased for the yard this weekend and the planned installation date is the weekend of the 28th April - Dukie will be free to run in the garden after that -almost tick

So our credit card has taken a pounding just lately and its lucky that we can pay it off.

So I am feeling pretty good about being on time target with required spending on home improvement.

Once these little babies are dealt with we can then buy the next load of winter fuel in the summer to be stashed and pay for some summer camps and save like Billy-o towards our next March trip to the Keys.

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