Friday, 20 April 2012

Chloe is 8

Its my Chloes 8th birthday today, so of course they got up at 5.15am! - I of course sent them back to bed until at least 6am (for goodness sake!)

Anyways she was super pleased to get $50 from Grandpa and some another $30 from Mrs Morriss and Omi and has extensive spending plans.

I, for one, cant believe she is 8. I have had this child for 8 wonderful, occasionally trying years. I am so proud of her, shes so sensitive, so kind, so deep and so loving.
She so loves the ocean and all ocean mammals and also her dog along with horses and other animals.

Tomorrow is her party, so she has a dolphin cake coming and some friends for a cinema date with KFC, all about the nutrition here (not!)

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