Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Easter weekend plans

Its been quite a busy week so far. Yesterday I did my Easter Egg purchasing at Walmart. I got a whole bunch to make a little trail around the house for Easter Sunday, I tried to stick to chocolate I know that the girls like - Lindt and Kinder and not too much of the North American stuff which we like the least in this house - tastes a little like doggy chocs. So anyway thats all squirrelled away for the weekend, I just need to get some baskets now for their little egg hunt.

Its the 100 year anniversary of the Titanic on April 15th and they are showing the movie in 3D currently. Chloe and I are going to see it on Friday with my friend Tracey and her daughter Lauren. Lily is going to hang with Laurens little sister Emily, all the girls are pals so its going to be good. I personally love the Titanic movie and Halifax has all the grave sites so I am looking forward to checking them out. Chloes very into the Titanic too, I am hoping she will be ok with the film, I think she will be. Theres also a museum here. I am not a museum person at all, but I shall go to this one at some point.

Last night the girls made their birthday party invites. Lily made Tinkerbell ones and Chloe made doggy ones complete with paw prints. It was good fun to actually make them, I am not sure it was cheaper but it was fun and we wrote them out with sparkly gel pens.

Also last night Paul joined the Hants Search and Rescue team and went to his first training meeting. I wanted to do something similiar but managed to land myself the treasurers role at the recreational committee. I am committed as I believe in the local amenities like the ball fields and the public pool but of course this is more sitting on my butt! Damn!

Going running with Dukie tonight and then a hair cut at 7pm - really looking forward to both. I am going to attempt to crowbar in some time between the two to eat Pauls spaghetti bolognaise as its just so good.

I am aware that I am behind in the pictures of us all area of this blog, I am going to attempt to rectify this soon!


  1. This may sound a little dark and creepy, but my grandmother used to take my sisters and I for walks through the graveyard to see the Titanic grave sites.I always found it sad that some just had numbers and no names.

    I recommend the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic...not only for the Titanic exhibit, but it can give a little background on your new Maritime backyard:)

  2. I dont see it as dark and creepy, it sounds sad and as if your Grandmother had a personal feeling for this tragedy. Maybe she wanted you both to recognise the enormity of it. I shall be one of those Grandmothers one day, I am sure

  3. oh and I shall check out the museum for sure