Monday, 13 August 2012

back at work

OK so I am back at work and I want to be at home SO MUCH. I cant allow myself to think like this.

Last night we laid out some maps and traced the I-95 down to Miami and had some discussion about skirting the likes of New York and Washington. We were chatting with our friend Don about this, hes a seasoned road-tripper so its good to have his input. We really need to put together more of a plan regarding rest stops and the like. I have heard of those that drive straight through and I know that COULD be fun but I doubt it and really we wont know until we get to that point. Also, its not just us going, so its not just our call on rest stops.
Our accompanying friends have family over to stay for the rest of this month and we have some in September - BIG HURRAH!!!! - so we will probably catch up after everyone has gone home.

More excitement - our bathroom renovation is booked in for the end of October. I just need to make a commitment on tiles now. Now this is a big deal - its the last piece of planned work on the house this year (and I love a plan) and it means that we are on track (I love that too!)

I am starting to really not look forward to the end of summer coming, I know I am doing this as its in my thoughts all the time (that and food!) and its only the 13th of August. I am not afraid of winter but I am afraid of that feeling of bereavement when I notice that the humidity has gone and I know its gone for months!

Lily is now accompanying me on dog walks on her little bike and shes getting so good. Shes also pretty much turning into a fish now shes shed her floaty jacket. She dons goggles and swims under water. Shes so like Chloe, I love watching them together.

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