Tuesday, 7 August 2012

favourite places

I am sitting in my new favourite morning spot in the house. I am on the sofa by by the front room window which is open so that I can hear the ciccadas which is one of my favourite sounds - its the sound of an American summer to me. It was the first sound I really heard when I stepped out of Miami airport back in 1999 at 1am

I can see my beautiful front room that makes me feel so serene (even when there is a train track setup on the floor)

It very quiet apart from the ciccadas, the noise of the dog and his claws clicking around on the back deck which is drifting in through the kitchen window and the soft swish of the ceiling fans upstairs.

I have a fresh cup of coffee and the light is steadily increasing in the room as the morning gets later. I always know that I have anything from 30 minutes of this magical silent time up to 1.5 hours.

Then I will be joined by the girls if its the weekend or I will need to get up and get in the shower if its a workday.

This is my time. Lately I have come to realise that out of my closest friends I am one of the few that actually works full time. They get more time at home to be in their home and do their laundry etc than I do. This is my only "me time" and I treasure it.

Today is day 5 of my 10 day vacation and its going to be a peaceful one. I have some volunteer book-keeping to do, some mail to post, some laundry to attend to, a lovely breakfast to indulge in, a lovely lunch to do the same with and some dusting. I look forward to it all.
We had a great couple of days in PEI and I will write that post up with pictures very soon, right now I am going back to my coffee.


  1. I recently wrote a post asking all you morning people, HOW DO YOU DO IT? I am not a morning person, and would give anything to have the energy (and ambition) to wake up with enough time to enjoy a coffee, some Blog reading, news watching etc... I am such a rushed mess getting out the door to work, I hate mornings!

  2. I think its because its the only time in the day thats new and thats quiet. I love that. It must be due to having children, although before they arrived I used to get up early and ride my horse. I choose mornings over late nights any day