Monday, 20 August 2012

weekend of nothing and everything

Its been a good weekend. We tried to do nothing but nothing turned into some time with friends around the firepit, a lot of manual labour, the loss of a rug, some sweat and sweat (humidity and heat were on HIGH) and some pool time. It also involved some naps and a great deal of heavy rain. We even got a small thunderstorm on Saturday night which freaked Lily out.

Time with Friends

On Friday evening Paul and I hung out at the neighbours firepit, we were in easy shouting distance from the house, the dogs were in situ (we still have Miss Lexus on her sleepover), the girls were asleep and the front door was locked.
It was lovely, chilled, relaxed and great. I steered clear of all alcohol and felt better for it. It was also really nice to spend this time with Paul and other adults. The cicadas were noisy around us and the stars were out. Theres something that touches me when I get to stare at stars through pine trees.

Manual Labour
Saturday morning started way too early at 6am as Duke had a really upset tummy and there was majpr diarrhea all over the front room floor including our GBP200 rug. We cleaned it up and decided to get a carpet cleaner to wash it all and the stair carpet, something that had been on our list for a while as that rug had been used by a small puppy as a toilet (no names mentioned) so we got the cleaner and the rug looked as good as new. It smelt disgusting though and I mean hideous. Three deep cleans and it just got worse, it smelt like dog pee and crap and there was only one answer for it. Its now out in the garbage and I have a new rug to buy = not happy!

Its been a heavy rain weekend but in fits and starts so we also had some good pool time. I got some exersize in but not enough by any means. I took Dukie for a quick walk at 6pm as I could hear thunder rolling around. On my way back I could hear the rain pounding down behind me,I looked and I could see it falling in a sheet down the road. So I ran down the hill in my flipflops but it engulfed me right outside the house. That was the one of the oddest experiences.

On Saturday afternoon I was really tired. I had swollen eyes from some reaction and was tired from the late firepit night and the early diarrhea morning so I got a rare couple of hours napping. I went to sleep to the sound of the ceiling fans and the trees outside. It was simply wonderful.

Saturdays freakish rain turned into a full on thunderstorm with high wind, intense rain and loud cracks of thunder and lightening. Thankfully it lasted all of 20 mins which was convenient as Lily was so stressed out that she was being sick. I need to think about how to deal with this going forward as thunderstorms are on the weeks forecast.

How was your weekend?

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