Wednesday, 22 August 2012

hump day

Its Hump day today, already the middle of the week, time is flying these days.
I am starting to look forward to Fall. I will miss the heat and the summer ambience but Fall is next and I am getting ready - already.
I so know that I may well regret this desire to move to the next season whilst its still only August. I am knowing this may well happen in November and will definately happen in January and February and probably March and April when I am dreaming and wishing of summer again.
We are still enjoying summer evenings in the pool although its now dark by 8.30. 8.30!!!!! And its cooler at night by a long shot already.

This is our current evening:

Dukie waiting for a walk, oh those eyes are so expressive:

The side of our home, a little pretty glade:

I have some new Fall scents in my Scentsy warmer, I am thinking of hot apple pie, and pumpkin pie and pumpkins on doorsteps. I am thinking of fleeces worn around firepits and hot chocolate consumed again. I am looking forward to roast dinners with roast parsnips and chillis and cottage pie. All the food that I cant bear to cook and consume as its just too hot.
I am looking forward to that first snowfall and the noise of it crunching underfoot in the dark. But I am getting a little ahead of myself here! (am I CRAZY?!!!)
Tropical Storm Isaac is already making it into the news, its still way down south, but we know about it, its being talked about and now I am tracking it. I think I should have been a storm chaser, these things really do it for me.

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