Wednesday, 29 August 2012

credit card crisis meeting

Tonight we have called a "credit card crisis meeting" as our card is way up again. I dont know why so we need to discuss it.
On my lunchtime walk today I have been doing a mental inventory of all the pairs of leggings that we have for the girls. Both of mine do not seem to like wearing jeans AT ALL. So cue leggings for school. I think I have enough until mid November when I will need to go and purchase some with soft fleecy linings. And Lilys snowboots require some sewing up where the velcro is. School starts again next Thursday and my Chloe will need to go in wearing her new retainer which she is fretting about (and which frankly is breaking my heart) and Lily of course starts for the first time.

Its weightwatchers weigh in day - everything is crossed. My trousers pants are so loose there is a danger that I will walk out of them, I am so pleased except obviously I need to do something about this. I dont want to buy any more yet as I still have a good 20 lbs to go so I need to make them last a while longer, and obviously buying interim pants does not bode well for credit cards.

Thats it really, except that its a lovely sunny 22C out, with 26C and 28C forecast for the next two days and those poor people in New Orleans are facing Hurricane Isaac. I am tracking Hurricane Kirk thats in the Atlantic

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