Friday, 10 August 2012

Back into austerity

Last year we descended into austerity in September and were very very conscious of our spending and keeping it to a minimum, this is mainly due to trying to maintain our new attitude of saving rather than throwing it all on a credit card and dealing with the aftermarth.
The austerity was lifted in about May, I would say after we had bought this winters wood supply and we have enjoyed more fun times since then and not really thought about it but just bought what we need want.
Due to the measures, we have almost managed to fulfil this years quota of planned work on the house - water heater (tick), fence (tick), new bathroom - almost tick. The cash is there and saved and the contractor is due to start mid October.
He would have started mid September but we have guests due - BIG HURRAH! - and need both bathrooms in the house.

We have of course bought two new cars also but those were long term saving measures - daily for my car and long term for the van/SUV as the Uplander was on the road to nowhere except big repair bills.

Anyway now we have enjoyed two weekend trips - whales and PEI - the cost of which pretty much equals that of a week away and are just making sure its paid off, we are back to austerity and it feels good.
It will be lifted a teeny bit when the Grandparents are here in September but not to the extent of being in Gap, Banana Republic or The Childrens Place.

So, these new measures are all aimed at next years trip - coined (by me so not official) as RoadTrip I95! Its the one which will take us all down the East Coast of the US to the Florida Keys with a layover in Orlando to ensure advantage is taken of Disney and Universal Studios!

I nearly had a coronary when I saw the price of the parks so its been decided that they will be this years Christmas presents for us all in ticket form.

Of course one of the points of this trip is to obtain (finally!!!) my eternity ring. I will get this with my children present at the exact place where we got married just over 10 years ago and I cant flippin wait! I have been idly browsing Tiffany online for one as I love my Tiffany bracelet and frankly a Tiffany ring would be just amazing BUT thats not really me. The cheapest I found is USD 1900. I cant spend THAT!

So, we wont.

So, I need to get off here and onto a spreadsheet to start planning the budget of what we need to spend on this roadtrip of roadtrips. I will just finish my coffee first.

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