Wednesday, 8 August 2012


OK, so I am back in my favourite morning spot to write my PEI post and can I just mention that this precious week at home is going WAY too fast. I have managed to get school supplies and now we have substantially less cash in the bank and it was a horrible experience. I also got updated on my volunteer book-keeping for the recreation society - 5 hours on that yesterday and I am way behind with vacumming the dog hair out of the house as Paul has been on nights since we got back, anyway.....

So PEI. We set off at 9am gaily packed into the car, met with Ruby and clan at theirs and then made our way to the ferry at Pictou. We arrived at 11am and then waited until 12.40pm to board (gah), it was hot and hot and hot and we ate lunch in the car which was good fun. The ferry departed at 1.30 and 70 mins later arrived at PEI. The ferry was cool but the floor was searingly hot. We had Mr Duke with us on deck and I had a panic attack whilst looking for a cool spot for his feet.

We then drove for about an hour at least through THE neatest countryside I have seen I think ever. It was like  being in the set of "Runaway Bride" - lots of neatly manicured potato, corn and clover (?) fields and grass that looked like we were on a golf course. I think the clover is for the cows there, they do after all have to produce that scrumptious Cows Icecream and apparently you are what you eat!

We got to our Inn which was basic but fabulous. The basic side meant it felt like we were doing glamourous camping but the fabulous side was the site, the view, the management and the fact that we could keep up with the Olympics on the TV in our room at times - go Team GB! We are proud of you!

We let the kids play outside alot on the grass and in the pool and spent the morning at Chelten Beach which had red sand and warm waters and a view of the Confederation Bridge. Chloe kicked a rock which resulted in blood and skin disappearing and very nice lifeguard fixed that in a jiffy.

Ruby and I took some time to go to Cavendish to Anne of Green Gables to pick up a very special fridge magnet for a friend in the UK. The trip there was fab, all fresh air and lots to see. We plan to take the kids there next year as that area requires a money tree. Once I managed to track down the fridge magnet Ruby and I hugged in the car, honestly that magnet is a big deal.
Can I just add that I saw a space shuttle in a field! I have no clue if it was real or a very good mockup but I was impressed.

On our way home we went via the bridge which cost us a whopping $44.25. I am pleased that you only pay to leave the Island and the bridge really is something else - at 8 miles long it is the longest bridge over iced water. In fact i am sure that a few years ago we watched this being built on Mega Structures or Extreme Engineering or something like that.

We drove through New Brunswick on the way home which was very pretty and then back into Nova Scotia. It was a much faster journey than the ferry option but I am pleased we had both experiences.

I have now added this little very pretty Island to our annual "must do" list.

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