Thursday, 23 August 2012

ok rewind

I had my second weight Watchers weigh in yesterday and am down another 2.2lbs - woot! I wish I could see it more on me but I cant.

So yesterday I was feeling all Fall-like and wishing for pumpkin pie. Last night I went home, walked the doofus pup with the family in the big green field and then we all swam in the pool at 8pm.

Its now getting dark at 8.30pm, so at that time the girls went into have their baths and I stayed in the pool by myself. It was bliss. I did my exercise in the pool and then lay on my back and watched the sky turn from pink to mauve. The sunset was mirrored on the upstairs windows and the trees became black silouettes.

I could hear happy chatter from the bathroom and the cicadas all around me and I thought - This is the Life, I will do this again tomorrow evening, dont go summer!


  1. continue the good work, You will be able to see it soon! :)