Monday, 27 August 2012

Fall mornings

I think Fall is coming, I think this because the mornings are cool and I can now sit around firepits at night without mosquitos joining me. I have decided that I love Spring and Fall firepits. The heat from the flames is actually welcoming and I can stay out without being driven in the house by biting insects.
There is good conversation around firepits at this time of year too, that and good food which I am avoiding like the plague.

I had a chat briefly on FB this morning with a friend in England and I asked if it feels like Autumn there yet, and her reply was "oh yes, its very grey now and cooler" and I looked out at the morning mist that was burning off and I felt the cooler air and I hugged myself.

Our Fall is made up of bright sunshine, some rain, lots of thunderstorms, 25C+ days and good firepit evenings with the stars out. There are very few grey skies and for that I am thankful. I am pleased that Fall no longer represents grey skies to me, I find grey skies depressing.

Today the humidity is making an appearance again and its going to be 28C, its a pool evening day. Tomorrow is due to be a storm day, rain and some thunder in the afternoon and then great for the rest of the week.

The forecast is for above average Fall temperatures and a good Thanksgiving weekend in October. The ocean is still very warm, people are nervous and discussing hurricane threats. Paul and I have put a plan in place for if something bigger than a Tropical Storm goes through. We have a great finished basement to hang out in, I am in charge of food, he is in charge of lighting options.

I look out of my office window and the sun is glinting off the Northwest Arm Bay. I know I love this place.

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  1. I wish I could sit outside without mosquito's bothering me, they are so bad here!