Tuesday, 14 August 2012

hot again

I think I am going through a blogging splurge lately, cant seem to keep off it.
It was uber hot last night, we spent a whole lot of the evening in the pool, or looking at the pool as the evening grew darker or under a ceiling fan.
Today its meant to be 26C with a humidex of 33C and the next 7 days look like more of the same. There is some rain involved too but it comes down in small showers for a few minutes at a time and makes it seem hotter and damper - gah.
So outside looks overcast at times which my brain still equals to cool until I go out there and the heat hits.

I was watching CTV news the other night and they are forecasting a more "exciting" than normal Hurricane Season. I am a little worried as we are surrounded by lots of trees, the one out the front is huge and frankly I could do without that crashing down. Thank goodness we have our basement all done out, as long as no one is staying, if a Hurricane comes through that is where we shall be.

At least I can keep my laundry up to date down there as thats where that room is but of course thats silly as Hurricanes equal power outages dont they. Tropical storms are fine, we can stay upstairs and whilst its marginally alarming how those trees whip around I dont feel like my life is at risk.

So now, I am keeping this at the forefront of my mind, I think I will the keep the freezer contents as cheapish and not chockablock and the tins of food at a good supply and the propane for the bbq topped up. Our bbq also has a burner for a pot so thats helpful. NS is good at having power outages and they tend to last awhile, it only has to get a bit windy and out the power goes.

Big congrats goes to my wonderful husband who has just been given a promotion at work to a supervisor role, something for him to use the bossy side of his personality. I knew he had it for a reason. I am super proud of him, work for him is really starting to look up here now.

Food update - I am easing off on the needing lots of food in me, the cravings are starting to vanish although really I think thats because I gave into a Fruit and Nut yesterday afternoon and I  loved. every. mouthful!

Todays coffee - I have Folgers French Vanilla this morning in my cup with soya milk and it smells divine.

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