Wednesday, 26 December 2012

a reflection on 2012

This is the time of year where I need to reflect on the year thats just leaving us and make some plans for the next one. Currently I am not in the groove for the second part but reflecting on this year should be easy enough:

I had a great but wrong job this year - it was great in the respect of fabulous office location for working and lunchtime and I LOVED it.
Wonderful office - peaceful, private, lovely view and daylight.
Some awesome colleagues - you know who you are and I still value you as friends
Some not some wonderful ones - isnt that just life though.
A chance to travel to some amazing places and eat out ALOT. I stayed in some beautiful hotel rooms and some not so. I met some lovely hotel workers and swam in some not so great pools. I had my fill of hotel bathrooms (my guilty pleasure) and fell asleep to the sound of far off traffic, airplanes and airconditioning.
I had the chance to do a calamari survery in Montreal and have to say The Elixor near Dorval won on all counts for meals and ambience.
I had an amazing manager who I will always respect for her way of addressing people and getting information from them,. She was also incredibly supportive.

BUT it was the wrong time for my young children and I was never at home, so maybe one day later in life that kind of intense travel will be for me again.

I then had the chance to start a new job, one where I am at home each night, dont get to travel and eat out so much, but DO get to make decisions again. Its been a tough transfer back to that world for me, more so as I miss the old role, but time will be the healer there and I am already more excited for this job. I like making decisions again too. I am still in the same Company too, just another division. My heart is in this Group of Companies now, so thats great.

I lost a stack of weight and now can fit in most of my old clothes again. I have cried over this! I still have some weight to go - about 15 pounds and want to tone more and run further but I am fitter and lighter than I have been for years! Its an overwhelming feeling.

We got all the planned projects this year completed and done. So wood pile, fencing and bathroom. The bathroom was the biggest thing and its relaxing to be in there.

Next year, so far I know that I need to continue the weight loss/fitness programme, get better and better at my job and learn to have the same emotional commitment to this Division (time will do this). Our trip is now for next Fall, so some saving is required.
Theres no projects for our home planned, except a bit of painting in the guest suite. So I guess there is a bit of a plan afterall.
Oh and social life - thats coming back now! Hurrah!!!!!

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