Sunday, 30 December 2012

The morning after and New Years resolutions

Theres a lot of snow out there, there will be more but right now theres enough to make me think I should clear the driveway before its deeper and hence more backbreaking than it is already.

I think I have a NY Resolution list for 2013:

  •  Succeed in my new job, and I mean really be outstanding as a leader, an accountant and a professional. This Group is my "forever company".
  • Continue with my weight loss and get rid of the 15 pounds, become leaner and fitter by joining the local gym and making use of the great yoga classes there.
  • Try Zumba again to dance my way to fitness (as the ad says!)
  • Save for the Keys vacation in October
  • Get my head back into my home and my future that was so important before I had my MLC. Its still as important.
  • Learn more about my own weaknesses and how to remain positive in dealing with them.
  • Meet aging head on and with style. Its not an issue, its only a number, I am not in the world of green cardigans yet and wont be for many many years.
  • Sort out the garden this Spring.
  • Spend more days at the beach with and without my family. Try to have a beach trip every weekend.
  • Eat out more, we CAN afford it.
  • Spend more time in Halifax enjoying it. Make the most of the facilities there and find new ones.
  • Stay at the Atlantica at least twice in the year.
There - I knew I could do it!

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