Monday, 17 December 2012

new shangri-la

I just went to the Le Chateau outlet at lunchtime which is one of my new Happy Places to pick up a small gift, one more ticked off the list!
On the way back I drove along Kearny Lake and was trying to pick a place to run in the day. I saw a road turning off and drove up to check it out, well its amazing!
I think I have found my new running spot, I drove the length and back and its VERY pretty with nice houses and a Canadian Prairie Creek feel to it.
Its 2.6km for the whole thing as its a dead end so its there and back. I am sure I could do the 2k and walk the rest back to the car and in time I should manage the whole lot.

Now this is GOOD news. I am making a massive effort this week to turn this new location into my new shangri-la.
So far I have a new running spot, this will be a good walk in the hotter months, as its stunning.
I also have a good sushi bar not that far away (10 min drive) that I plan to get to know well, to replace my Wasabi House habit. I think its actually easier to get to the Canada Games Centre from here too, so I plan to sort out some lunchtime yoga this week too - maybe Friday.

Once I get my head around the workload, I am hoping that my actual working day will be more enjoyable. So far I am sorting out my lunchtimes. I need the daylight so this is a great situation right now.

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