Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Eve

Its beginning to look alot like Christmas!....
It snowed last night as we were settled down to watch a great movie "We bought a zoo" - can I please recommend it. I am pleased as I dont want a green/brown/damp Christmas.
This morning there is a sprinkling out there, its enough, as long as it stays.

I have spent two days doing petty much nothing. Its been a time of comfy clothes and time to chill. I had a great two hour yoga session on Saturday morning where I not only stretched every muscle I never knew I had but re-aligned my mind. I came out of there feeling a lot more peaceful than I have of late.

Paul and I had a nice meal out in Halifax on Saturday night, I say nice as I actually expected more from that establishment but it was nice to have that time, out, in a restaurant.
I finally took some pics of the bathroom too, our new bathroom that we saved for and had done in late October:

I am thinking of stopping my monthly payment to WW too, I still have 15 pounds to lose and all I am doing is turning up every other week and standing on their scales. I am not using the online tools anymore, I am now in a groove where I am very cautious of my eating choices, prefer fruit over high fat / high sugar options and am out there running.

I think that the best way to tone and lose this last bit will be to actually pay the gym and go to regular yoga and power hour classes whilst keeping my new eating habits the same.(I apologize for the toilet in this scene!)
This is me the other night ready to go out, I can see where the weight needs to come off:


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