Sunday, 16 December 2012

on the weight loss and suck it up route

Its been a while since I blogged consistently, its been a tough time. I struggled with leaving my old job and miss that office and my old colleagues more than I ever thought I would.
My new job is manic and I have been trying to come to terms with leaving the old job and how I feel about that, along with trying to learn this new one. Its been hard.

I also am trying to remain fitter and increase my level of fitness, I like my new self and I am afraid of going back to how I was for so long. I cant do that, I just cant.

I have been taking the running steadily but try to go every day, I now am able to run the 2k quite easily but anything further is hard, I realise that I need to build up steadily as I have come along way from that person that couldnt run down the road for love nor money. There is a Hot Yoga class at the gym near work on a Friday lunchtime that I am going to try to attend. I have already paid for 10 sessions at that gym, so I need to use that. This could be a GREAT way to do so.

I am 22lbs down and can now fit into a lot of my old clothes and also can choose a medium in Old Navy!!! Although these yoga pants are actually in small size (they must be a medium size of small is all I can say)
I cant imagine gorging on bad food now, I now and then have an A&W and enjoy it, but its really a rarity for me. Chinese takeout is long gone from my life (thank God) I prefer a more balanced diet of enjoyable healthy food and I am trying to stick to smaller portions and no desert.

It is of course Holiday Season - yes it IS Christmas, I still say Christmas, I use the term Holiday to cover the whole couple of weeks of parties, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year. This of course means lots of food around, I have deliberately not bought boxes of chocolates for the house, we just dont need them.

This New Years Eve I plan to be of an even state of mind to forgive myself for all my mistakes of this year and stop beating myself up about them.
At least I wont be once again vowing to lose weight, that is firmly in hand this year.

I still have 15 pounds to go, and I will. By my 38th (gulp) birthday that will be gone.
I hope that soon I will be able to embrace being older and view that as not so terrible, good health should help me there.

This is the old me - I felt awful here (8 years of awful in fact):

This is the current me:


  1. You look incredible! You must be so proud of yourself!

    On the point of jobs...I know it would be hard and unconventional, but have you considered asking your old employer for your job back? I imagine the new incumbent is on probation still, so they can be let go without cause until that is over. If they really loved you there, they might consider it, especially if they are on the fence about the new person's skills. Of course the flip side of that is that you are potentially triggering someone else to lose their new job...not sure how to feel about that. But all is fair in love and job hunts haha.

  2. Hi Kim, thank you! I have considered it but I changed jobs to be home more, my old one was in audit and I was away ALOT and my family were suffering. I believe that this will be a good job in time, when I know what I am doing and have got over the old place. They havent replaced me yet but were not happy that I left anyway. I am still in the same group of companies, as I would never leave this Group, they have my heart.
    Thank you though, I appreciate your suggestion.