Friday, 28 December 2012

some things that come to mind

I am hoping that as we get closer to the all important NY Eve that I will get some kind of divine intervention and inspiration for New Years Resolutions will hit me in a big way. To me, there is nothing like January 1st for a clean-out in all kinds of ways.
Bad habits are binned, diets started, gyms joined and we start the year in a optimistic fashion for maintaining all new ideals.
However, so far, this year I am not feeling it. I guess I still have some days to go - make that 3, to sort out this issue and hopefully the end result will be a "list"

While I await this big event, I want to make a note here of all the things that I have come to realize just recently. I have been in a bit of funk for a number of weeks now, but I am coming out the other side and the following came to me yesterday actually:

1. I now know where to shop. This may sound a little odd but suddenly I am comfortable and at home with my shopping options. I now have no desire, whatsoever to return to my UK haunts even though they do deliver. Out with Next and M&S and Monsoon and in with Banana Republic, Le Chateau, Gap, Reitmans (GREAT pants and cute shoes), Le Vie en Rose and Old Navy (Almost all of these are at my favourite - Dartmouth Crossing!)

2. Still on the shopping theme - I am no longer awestruck by the Starbucks at Chapters or the size of it, its there and I love it. I know where to go for my foody goods and which Superstore I need to frequent to track down the family favourite Pesto and Mango salsa (Not Elmsdale sadly!)

2. I am feeling a little of a need to distance myself from some of the British culture - the disdain when someone makes an innocent or maybe not even innocent error. The comments behind their backs, especially strangers backs if they screw up. The unpleasant silence in places such as the steam room in the health club where no one dares to chat to each other in case you are met with a blank stare.

3. Whilst I am happy with my British accent, I want to be more Canadian, ie. Polite. There is a directness that comes from being British that is sometimes considered rude here, I dont want to be seen that way. Being direct at the right time and when I need to is fine but only then.

4. Weather. I am now no longer awestruck by massive swings in temperature. I no longer freak out if I dont have an emergency kit in my car and I am now amazed that I was so amazed. The weather is what it is here - sucky in Spring, hot and humid (and gorgeous) in the summer, hot and warm in the Fall, cold and cold and cold in the Winter, maybe I am becoming more of a Canuck.

5. I realize now that we are pretty rural out here, its still a subdivision and not the complete boonies but all the good things that I like to enjoy are about 30-40 mins drive - nightlife, sushi, decent indoor swimming pools, the water, restaurants where people dont wear baseball hats. This place does however have many of my friends in it and THE best babysitter ever (like ever!)
We figured that if we want to drink and drink in Halifax we will book a room at the Atlantica and really go for it.

So, all in all, this place is becoming home. I still wish frequently that I hadnt waited until now to get here, but I guess theres nothing that can be done about that fact.

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