Thursday, 27 December 2012

Post Boxing Day sale and weather acoming

Today I am going to go to the Banana Republic Sale. Theres an outlet down the road in a sweet little outdoors shopping mall called Dartmouth Crossing. Its nice because it has a number of outlets and restaurants and big old stores like Home Depot and Walmart too in a tasteful setting that at this time of year is decorated in fabulous Christmas lights. Its a handy 25 minute drive from here and I love it.

So outlets work for me as they are somewhat less expensive than the standard store and have clothes that are just as nice, if there are any last seasons, I dont actually care.
I have a certain taste for clothes thats not hugely swayed by fashion trends. I know how I want to look for work and rest and I look for whats out there to compliment that.

We also have a big old storm front coming in today, with 100km/hr winds, snow and ice pellets. I feel the need to get down there and back before that really hits us today. But at least we have something fun coming frankly. Its been a bit boring, no real weather fronts, no real snow, no real ice.

So, I have cancelled my WW now although it doesnt run out until Feb 8th so I have some leeway. I will go into the gym maybe today to sign up, I am feeling a little vulnerable, almost like without this I will suddenly balloon back up to my old weight.
I need to get into the gym mode asap so that doesnt happen.

I can feel some strong NY resolutions coming on too.
My oldest child is playing with her Breyer horses in front of me, shes eight and beautiful. Her personality is beautiful too. Her whole life is ahead of her and she has no real idea of the gravity of that.
I almost look forward to the first time she comes home with purple hair. I hope she will be strong in her wants in life. Lately I am more and more aware of the delicate, difficult traits of a human being.

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