Monday, 17 December 2012

Time to reconnect

Today I am trying to recall what it was like when I first met my husband and all the fun years that we had before children. Now this isn’t because I dont love and cherish my children, I really do.

This is because children take the focus from your relationship, 100% and its very very easy to just become these parents to these wonderful children.

You lose the carefree and wonderful side of your relationship when you were just into each other and thats all that mattered as you negotiate life and nurture the next generation into hopefully happy children and then later, balanced happy adults.

So today and lately I am trying to make something positive out of what I have coined my “midlife crisis” and use it to see what I can do to get some of that back. We had it a little when we went away for 4 days together to Gibraltar in 2009, 4 days of just us, it was like stepping back in time.

To just concentrate on OUR relationship and feel a little bit of youth and irresponsibility would be amazing and its absolutely needed right now.

I realise how much we HAVENT done this over the years and now its very very necessary. I need that closeness back and some time to reconnect.

(reconnect is such an American term but I love it, its the only word that really describes what I am trying to say)


Ideally, we would just head on down to the Florida Keys and sort it all there, but thats a little out of the current budget - sadly.
To sit by the water and be just us again would be the best tonic.

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