Thursday, 27 December 2012

weather warning in effect

So Ruby and I flew down there this morning, the day actually started with a phone call from Ruby at 8.30am along the lines of "hey, have you seen we are going to get hit by a shitload of weather today, do you still want to go?" We decided that we should get there asap to get in and out ahead of the weather front.
Banana Republic was rammed, nothing like the crazy Next sales of the UK, more like Next on a busy Saturday but very busy for that store. I didnt manage to find what I was looking for, but got a couple of basic essentials. I LOVE that my basic essentials come from this store now.
Over the last 10 years the only BR items in my wardrobe would be from my increasingly sporadic trips to the US and highly prized.

So we went next to Second Cup and had a mint chocolate latte which was very chocolatey and not at all minty. It was nice to sit and chat but when the flakes started to fall we hightailed it out of there.

We managed to stay ahead of the weather all the way home and I even stopped for ingredients for todays roast dinner which is now cooking and making the house smell divine.
The snow started to really come down as we got home and has been now for 5 hours. Paul has cleared the driveway twice now ( a blue job) and I have been reading my new Kathy Reichs novel all afternoon.
The weather front is warning of snow (tick), freezing rain and 100km winds. So far no sign of the wind, that can stay away, at least until dinner is cooked!

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