Friday, 21 December 2012

leadup to the BIG DAY

Its the end of Friday almost, I have a week off ahead of me at home and its full of exciting things:

  • Family PJ movie night tonight with Ruby and her oldest two at our house - complete with the National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Now I did not see this last year, so I am "fresher" than I have been for a long time and just cant wait to snuggle down and watch this. They will all be there by the time I get home. I love that!
  • Tomorrow night we have a sitter so Paul and I are heading on into Halifax to have dinner for two at The Keg and then some fun at The Ale House. WE are doing this after a stop off at a friends to say hi. Paul hasnt yet been to either venues and I have, so its high time he checked them out too. I LOVE them!
  • Sunday should be a reasonably quiet day, maybe we will take the girls swimming
  • Monday is Christmas Eve! I plan on doing some major exercise in the lead-up to the BIG DAY and then we are all out at a new work colleagues house for a fun evening. I am SO looking forward to this. 
  • Christmas Day at a friends, we will pile into the car late morning and head on out. I didnt think this would be a good idea as I love our family dinners but this year I am all for it
  • Boxing Day at a friends. Again hanging out with pals will be good!
  • Then off until the New Year from work, I am planning some yoga, some working from home as I have some bits to do. Some chilling and re-connecting with my home and family.
Hope everyones leadup to Christmas is going well! The flippin snow outside is still there but unless it gives us a bit more there is real fear that this will NOT be a white Christmas!
You'd think that moving all the way to Canada would almost guarantee us a white Christmas wouldnt you! I mean really!

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