Monday, 31 December 2012

snow clearance

Yesterday I took it upon myself to clear the driveway. It was a little after 9.30 and I had slobbed about enough in my PJs so by that time all the other driveways were being cleared by my more diligent neighbours.
Paul was at work so of course it was down to me. Like a true Canuck I went out there in my PJs (plus coat,boots, hat and gloves)
I swear the driveway lengthened itself whilst I was in full workout (like Concorde used to when in flight) and I had done about a 3rd of it when I realized that this snow is heavy and getting heavier and I am a wimp.
I noticed the neighbour across from me swiftly clearing his driveway with his sparkling expensive looking snowblower and thought ruefully that he was:
a) lucky and
b) unlikely to come and clear mine with it as he was the one who had shelled out some serious cash and why should I benefit from that.

I was deep in these thoughts and sweat when I realized that he was making his way over whilst offering his and the snowblowers assistance. I of course accepted, gratefully and he made quick work of the remainder of it and I was free to come back in and chill out with more coffee.

We then had some friends come up to play in our snow as they had less down closer to Halifax and were amazed that the plow hadnt yet been through (at 2pm). It then lo and behold came round looking huge with its double plow and threw loads of snow back onto the driveway - double gggrrrrr

Naturally it was cleared up - with the shovel but not by me as I was on the Chai Tea by then.

I have been reading and re-reading my NY resolutions and I know that some of them are to counter some regret. I guess and am hoping that the regrets side of things will disipate over time and with effort on my part.

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