Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year

Its 2013. I went to bed last night at 11.45pm and therefore missed the actual switch from last year to this one which is a shame. But maybe its not so bad, I get very emotional as a year comes to an end. I feel the end coming and I feel almost a little panicked and want to hang onto it. It changes almost instantly to a feeling of freshness and hopefulness as a brand new year is seconds and then minutes old.

I thought I would wake up feeling all light and fresh and full of good intentions and happiness but I was still feeling a little low. That passed as I made some real decisions about how I want the next few months to pan out. These are things that I can have a hand in controlling so thats good.

I am focused on work and being extremely good at it. This is something that really only I can have input in. Sure things can happen that are outside of my control but how I handle them is down to me.
I feel more energized for all that now.
I am also focused even more on my health and fitness and will be joining Strides asap this week to make the most of the yoga!

It snowed again today and Lily and I took Mr Duke for a walk in its white crispness whilst Paul slept off his hangover.
Last night we all went to a neighbours for NYE get-together with wine, food, more wine and rum.
After much grumbling and effort I had managed to track down some red Thai curry paste in Superstore down in Cole Harbour! - it wasnt really a trek as I was down at Costco anyway and I think it was the nearest huge Superstore. So, I was able to make the curry with some fragrant Jasmine rice as our contribution to the get-together, that and a bottle of Beringer which I managed to consume half of by myself last night.

It was a great night with our neighbours who are also our friends. At minus 15 a little cool - but we still had a firepit and we are tougher now!
I actually came home before midnight at Chloes request, Lily had crashed on the couch but Chloe wanted home and bed.
Paul went back out for more deer steak (was very good, I love the free-rangeness of it) and rum and coke, He came in at 3am absolutely wasted and was a mess this morning. I didnt have much in the way of sympathy but did leave him in bed while I cleared the driveway again, fed the girls, walked the dog, chilled.....

Then out to Rubys for NY Day lunch where we also fell asleep on her couch, it was a lazy day with very good food and great friends that I love.

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