Sunday, 13 January 2013

Bucket Lists

I have been following this very inspirational young lady Alice Pyne since 2011 who had terminal cancer, she passed away yesterday at only 17 years old.
She achieved most of the things on her bucket list and one of her items was for everyone to have a bucket list. I dont know how a teenager deals with facing her own mortality, I certainly find it difficult to even think about. We have managed to think about it long enough to make a will (all be it an English one, but it still exists) but in the spirit of Alice, and to help her achieve her bucket list, I figured that I would think up my own.

My Bucket List

See the sun rise on the Grand Canyon with a cup of coffee
Drive the San Francisco Coast Road
Ski in Aspen
Achieve Director of Finance
Cycle the US1 from Miami to Key West
Participate in a cattle drive in Montana
White water rafting
Fly a helicopter
Run the Cancer Race in Halifax
Learn yoga and be good at it
Teach my children the importance of education, honesty, kindness and love

Most of these items require money and often involve travel and I realize thats where my main interests are - in the world of experiences and building memories. Some things are only achievable by hard work and no money in the world will make a difference and some are from the heart.

There are other things that I wish to achieve like a second home in Florida, but I dont feel that is a "bucket list" item but more of a lifestyle plan.

Anyway, Alice - you inspired me and humbled me and I wish your family and friends speedy healing in their heartbreak and loss. I am sure you will be remembered by many for years and years to come for all your hard work and kind giving nature.

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