Wednesday, 9 January 2013

warm (to me)

Today I went for a really lovely lunchtime walk. It was like a spring day, lovely and warm with no wind, blue sky and sunshine.
I say it was warm because it was delightful, yes I had my coat on but it wasnt buttoned, I had no gloves and no hat and no scarf.
It was 3C outside. Now, never in the UK would 3C be considered warm. It was once what I would consider as seriously COLD,. I guess I now know differently.

I went down the private road thats down by Kearney Lake. The one with big $1m houses on it, its a bit like a Canadian Prarie Creek and I wished I brought my yoga pants and running shoes as it would have been a great time for a run.

Today has been a nice break from the intense cold. Yesterday went from minus 24 to plus 2. These kind of huge temperature swings are now just part of life, I take them in my stride.

Today is busy at work ( normal stuff there then) and I am just taking some time out for a cup of tea.
I have learnt with age that when I am super busy, I NEED time out to chill and get my groove on back for the level of work.

I am settling more here, I dont hanker for my view quite so much, dont wish for a window with such a level of despair and I have a nice calendar up on the wall, which helps.
Oh and finally, some things are becoming familiar!
Back to work!

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  1. Yesterday was quite mild, wasn't it? I enjoyed it also! Although I can't say I got out and enjoyed the fresh air, I did enjoy not having to scrape my windshield and I didn't freeze my butt of getting into the car in the morning.