Monday, 14 January 2013


I have been wondering around Facebook (as one does) and came across this:

I rather like this.
I like the - "if it changes your life - let it" bit. So many of us are so afraid of change and yet change is the only constant.
I believe that I have had different views of change in my life, sometimes I embrace it and am a true advocate to whoever will listen, sometimes if I am extremely happy with the status quo I am the last person to want change to show its face.
It would be good to be positive of change regardless of whats happening in your life, I am going to work on that concept.

For me when I was at Identex and was returning from mat leave with Chloe I wasnt interested in any change, I liked the place, the people, my job. When my boss told us she was emigrating it broke my heart. BUT it made me realize that I knew people (normal people) who emigrated which meant it was possible. Fast forward 5 years and we did that but in a different direction to her - they went to Oz, we came to Canada.
Once the emigration idea was firmly in place and being researched, a change was the writing on the wall and I was a true advocate.
Now we are here, big time change from life in the UK and its great.
And then I was in a job in a great company (still in the great company) and change raised its head and I have been truly finding it hard, and I am going to remember today that
"Nobody said that it would be easy, they just promised that it would be worth it"
I have been trying to find my way in this new division, in this new job and fighting the change as I couldnt and didnt want to face it.
This weekend I have been giving it a lot of thought, gaining some advice from other professionals who know me and how I work and now I know that this sure isnt easy, but I am damned if I am going to make it worth it.

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