Wednesday, 2 January 2013


OMG its so cold outside. Its minus 25 out there today with the windchill and I have stupidly forgotten to bring my gloves with me today. I also forgot my lunch so had to go out and get some. Just the walk from the car to Subway was painful. My hands holding my coffee and lunch hurt and I couldnt take in a deep breath, the wind is so fierce and its freeeezzing!

That kind of cold hurts a lot. I idly wondered when back in my car how long I would last out there sans gloves and hat in my coat, if needed. I did have fluffy boots on and my winter coat and scarf but just normal work trousers pants.

I was pleased for my car. And wishing for Florida, doesnt take me long to hanker for the Southern Hemisphere. I love the snow but I love it when its zero degrees or maybe a little higher in temp, say a balmy 2C and its snowing, not this after snow freezing wind tundra style weather.
I think ideally I should be able to fly South or get in the car and drive it every New Years Day and come back in say April.

The snow is piled up on the sides of the roads and round the parking lot looking like a white fence and theres ice everywhere.

Today, we are having a damp issue investigated in the kitchen. Hubs has just joyously informed me that the wall behind the kitchen cupboards is SO wet that you can put your hands through it easily.
Who knows what the damage for this lot will end up being - gah houses!

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