Wednesday, 23 January 2013

minus temps

Its SO COLD! We have discovered certain things happen in these temps - minus 24 ~

1. The house creaks and cracks at night, thats weird but apparently normal
2. The FibreOp keeps dropping the internet, we are blaming that on the temps too
3. The garage door doesnt work properly, its like its lost its mind and takes at least 5 mins to co-operate as it moves in tiny little shifts up and down. The closer we get to zero the more it works - bizarre!
4. The dog still wants to be walked, I dont want to walk him
5. Even with the heat on, in the morning the house feels cool
6. Leaving my Ipod in the car overnight was probably NOT the smartest thing I have done, it will probably never ever ever work again.
7. Driving in snow is now normal, as is ice. It feels ok, I dont see what any fuss is about.
8. I want to be a snow bird in February more than ever!

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