Saturday, 12 January 2013

what happened when I tried to go for a run

I am feeling out of sorts,
So this morning I planned to get out to the dome and the running track before breakfast, but......
I cant get the fire to stay lit this morning. I went out at 8.30am for kindling ( I SO wish I had known yesterday that we were out and I may have moved my ass to get some, or maybe I wouldnt have. I wasnt feeling too well yesterday)
I drove to Averys and it was still closed, open at 9am. Gah, it was 8.42. So I turned around and drove back to Sobeys and bought some fruit and some bread but they only had a bag of uber expensive, hardly any wood in the bag kindling. I ummmed and ahhhed and left it in the store.
It was then 8.58am so I turned around and went back to Averys and bought some very reasonably priced kindling -$3.99 for a massive bag. Finally I get to the Sportsplex, the parking lot is full (I went out the door in the first place to go for a run, I made myself get kindling whilst out as we needed it, really I couldnt be bothered to drive all the way to Averys, so this whole morning so far was irritating me)

The Sportsplex parking lot was busy - deeply suspicious of this as I like the dome to be empty for my run - but it is attached to a whopper of an ice rink with ice hockey matches so I blamed that. And there was a match - good.
Then I got to the door of the dome and was met with a sign that said "Jan 11th through to Jan 13th, the dome is hosting the mother of all soccer matches" or words to that effect.."the walking track is open but it will be congested"  Of course! Thats about how the day is panning out. If it had said "the track is unavailable to YOU Natasha, dont even attempt to use it" I wouldnt have been surprised.

So, I went back to the car and came home.

I am now eating breakfast which I couldnt really be bothered to make and surveying the absolute mess that is this house currently.

I think I can brave the outside and run with the dog, that will make his day, and I hope I dont step on some random patch of lurking ice that I dont see in all my speed and break something.

In the meantime whilst awaiting this rather good breakfast of PB and banana french toast with blueberries and real NS maple syrup to go down I think I shall tackle the house. I cant face it in its current dog hair, toys everywhere, kitchen disaster, curtains shut mess any longer.

The sun had better stay shining until I am ready to go out and run, is all I can say.
Lets hope the day improves from here on, But first before I tackle the house and attempt the run I shall try to light the damn fire again first - the house is cooling down!

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