Friday, 25 January 2013

I didnt think I lived in AB!!!

Never did I have this mornings shennanigans on my radar.
So.... due to the persistant pain in the ass behaviour of the garage door and the constant unwanted adrenalin rush each morning as I see if I can get the damn thing open and therefore go to work, we decided to leave the car outside last night.
Bad move!

I went out 10 mins before planned departure time and nothing, no click when I start the key, absolutely.bloody.nothing! Silence from the car and a set of warning lights all over the display. BUT the warning lights were also faint.

Hmmmm, I trudge next door and wake my neighbour (cringe!) as hes an ex engineer - aircraft but how different can it all be, right?

He comes over, takes a look, leaves and comes back with a battery to jump it. No cigar

He thinks the starter motor may be frozen. I thought that may be the case too but discounted that thought, as hey what do I know about the mechanics of a car anyway?!!

So... now I am not at work, am late for work, and waiting for CAA to show their sweet selves. We shall go from there....

This was the reason we did NOT move to Alberta!

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