Saturday, 5 January 2013

running tracks

Its the weekend - yippeeeee! And today its snowing - again.
I am starting to see a trend here - each day it snows, even a little. Today we had squalls that looked like baby blizzards, it was a bit exciting except that its stopping me getting outside with Dukie as I am so nervous of ice.
But I did get in a run before breakfast run at the indoor track at the Sportsplex. I feel so lucky to be so near to this very new facility. Its always quiet when I go too, which is just how I like it. The running track is quiet may I add, the complex isnt. There was a hockey match going on and it was buzzing.

I managed to do about 3kms on the track today and it felt good, I am now running whilst thinking and so am miles away in my head and the kilometers just seem to rack up more easily.

The other day I went to a yoga class at the Canada Games Centre and it was nice enough but really lacked the ambience of the class here, I realised too how much I prefer the local gym to that place. The local gym is also new and fresh and just nice, The Canada Games Centre is also nice but its huge and nondescript and has no real personality.
Whilst holding a pose which required looking out the window I thought about how much I wouldnt like to live near there.

We have our finances in place fix the leaking roof so hopefully that will be done if it warms up just a tad and there is now some insulation back in the walls, so it feels a little warmer than it has.

Today has been a full on healthy eating day and I plan on finishing off well with a sweet potatoe and bean chilli dish. Tomorrow we have friends round for roast dins, so that should be good too, I am hoping to get another run in, in the morning.

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