Friday, 18 January 2013


Its Friday - Hu-bloody-rah!
I am SO exhausted from work, its so busy but so good but my shoulders ache and my arm aches (not RSI, I hope) and I am hoping that I get to the running track before 6pm so I can get round it in some peace but I very much doubt that will happen, very much!

So tomorrow morning I hope to go to yoga but perhaps I can run first, either way I am running! I want peace and tranquility to get round. Its almost my happy place but its certainly NOT that when its packed.

It snowed this morning, pretty hairy drive into work actually but so far my little car with its trusty winter tires has not let me down.

This weekend we have plans - exersize, Montanas for a family dinner (girls love it and frankly so do I) and some chilling out. I can almost taste that cedar plank salmon with rice!

I just took a peak out of the window (still miss my old office and its friggin daylight) and its white and pretty with sunshine and blue sky, but apparently its cold! Minus 11, feels like minus 23 last time I looked.

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