Monday, 7 January 2013


So far its been a pretty amazing Sunday and its only 2pm. I got up to some admittedly shortlived peace and tranquility. The fire was roaring and the coffee was calling my name. I was a little sidetracked by the sunrise which was SO pink, so I got the camera and got some pretty amazing shots which I cant seem to currently upload. Maybe later it will work. Watch this space!

It was decidely nippy out there and when I perused Nova Scotia weather it said it was minus 19, feels like minus 23. Now it was cold, granted but it wasnt bone numbing, flesh falling off my face cold, so maybe I am toughening up.

I decided to hit the running track before breakfast again and got in 8 laps, which is 2 more than before, so nearly 3km! I am uber pleased about this and I am noticing that the first two laps are the hardest, then I get another hard point at about lap 5, then its easy again. I want to get up to 5km this winter on that track and then enter a race -  I am thinking of the Bluenose!!! This has never ever been on my radar before, like ever!

The snow is still out there, so I am in here as its slippery and Paul is building new bonds with Dukie as his primary walker, I believe its good for them both!

We have roast dinner planned for this evening and for the long term I have this vision of a new bikini that I will be wearing in Key West this year from Le Vie en Rose - fabulous store in Dartmouth Crossing.

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