Sunday, 20 January 2013

weekends are for relaxing

Its been a nice weekend...
We discovered the coffee selection at Wheatons and now have a large selection of Keurig cups - Donut shop, Kahlua, cinammon pastry, white mint chocolate, Jamaica me Crazy (mmmm coconut!!!) to name but a few and therefore have had a bit of a coffee Sunday.... I am particularly fond of Spicy Eggnog coffee.

We went to Montanas last night which is a family steakhouse where the kids can write on the paper tablecloth, deer and moose stick out of the wall, ice hockey is on the big screen and the food is pretty dang good. I had salmon, rice and veggies, Paul had ribs with coleslaw and mushrooms, Chloe had chicken strips and Lily had a smorgeousboard of goodies - her pasta with garlic toast, Chloes celery and most of Pauls coleslaw. I love the way that child eats!!

It was snowing again on the way home and made for some slippery conditions, the kids instantly went into parental mode - "told you we should get home earlier" (It was 8pm...), "daddy stay in this lane, dont go round him", "daddy drive carefully", "Daddy are you getting off at the next exit". I mean really! Children of 8 and 5 shouldn't really be so concerned about driving or should they. I am sure at their age I just kicked back, relaxed and looked out of the window, I am pretty sure I was NOT a backseat driver, I shall have to ask my dad the next time I speak to him.

Today has been good, I went to yoga this morning in surprisingly warm temps - 8C, it felt like Spring had Sprung.
It was Hatha Yoga, if I hadnt got such a problem with my shoulder I would most probably have enjoyed it more, but it was still good, it was good to stretch and relax. I came out at the end feeling at one with the world to the warmth, the blue sky and sunshine, the sound of snow melting and dripping.

We had family movie afternoon- the Fox and The Hound - cue I indulge in afternoon nap while the girls got lost in Todd and Copper and the politics of a such a relationship.

I had a cuddle this evening with a two week old baby. I had all but forgotten what that feels like, their little fists curled up near their faces, pulling all manner of expressions in the space of 30 seconds, the way they hump their little bodies up and snuggle right in. He is adorable, his mother looked exhausted!

So, now its evening, I feel refreshed by this weekend, ready to face the week of work, looking forward to Monday - hurrah for that!

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