Thursday, 24 January 2013

evenings in January ~ NS style

What we do in our evenings now.

As its so “cool” out there right now, theres been a real shift in daily habits, I am doing this in point format as that’s always a touch more interesting:

·         Gone are the evening and morning dog walks of happiness in our sub-division or the green field, instead one of us runs Duke round a short walk to stretch his legs, we almost draw straws to do it. Pauls is often the short one as neither of us want to re-visit my broken ankles again. Its usually in achingly cold temps and I think that even Duke is pleased to be back in the house after 30 mins

·         The evening runs are now replaced with early morning weekend (if Paul is home) and evening (if I can get in there) laps of the running track at the Sportsplex. I love it there, its new and its nice and they have music playing. And I can increase it easily, just keep adding a lap. The first 3 are the hardest and then its hard again at about lap 6

·         Swimming in the pool is now sitting in front of “Army Wives” in front of the fire and getting involved in all that drama. We are on Season 2 – I have discovered that there are 7 seasons! Yay!!!
The pool is frozen along with everything else out there. I want to hang an "out of order" sign on it!

·         BBQ burgers and chicken is now replaced with warm food with added chilli! We are going to try out Mexican breakfast tortillas for dinner tonight! Yes I know, not breakfast but I cant wait until a weekend when Paul is home, I need more instant gratification.

·         My car is in the garage, the one with the door that’s being uncooperative. So far its stayed in there for two days and I have taken Pauls as I cant be bothered to try to extract it. I cant wait to be able to just leave it on the driveway with all its windows open.

·         The beach – not going there! My tolerance to wind chill factor is minus 26, so far today we are 4C colder.

·         The happy noise of cicadas, birds and the pool filter has been replaced by the happy noise of the snowplow going by or the gentle silence of falling flakes.

·         I take my Ipod out of the car, thankfully since its night outside it seems to have not suffered any permanent damage.

·         The girls play “make believe” in the front room with castles and farms and prehistoric lands instead of being outside on their bikes, swings and in the pool. Oh and their DS’s are very popular right now.
What I thought We would be doing all winter in Canada:
Skiiing! This requires more disposable income than we have right now, maybe next year....

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