Thursday, 3 January 2013

hmmm - is this is now for months?

Ice hangs in dangerous looking long stalactites from highway bridges, I drove under them this morning and wondered how much damage one could do if it crashed down, they are slightly angled too which must be the general wind direction.
Snow flurries were coming down too and in the sunrise it looked like that glitter that falls from the ceiling in the final of the X-Factor.

So, is this it now, frozen and white and flurries and biting minus 20C wind until April? We have been told SO many times that last winter wasnt really winter. Is this a real winter? If it is, I am not sure I can deal with this until April. Its painful, its dangerous to walk the dog right now, I dont want to revisit broken ankles anytime soon.

Last night it was actually cool in the house, I cosied up in the front room with Netflix on the laptop and all the rooms were under 20C. It doesnt of course help that the kitchen has part of the interior drywall and the insulation missing as its all soaking wet. I can see the outside boards of the house that sit under the vinyl siding. It doesnt make me "feel" warm when I see that.

On a plus point it IS pretty outside and I totally get why Canadians have winter holidays down South.

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